Why Doesn’t She Text Me First Anymore, Am I Just A Friend?

 Now things are crap. Its always me that has to do the texting first now and she’s so confusing because she acts all friendly and excited when I text her and says all these things to make me feel like she’s still into me but I’m about to give up.
 The past two weeks I waited for her to at least text or check up on me and she didn’t so I couldn’t take it and just texted her each time at least once a week. 

Now I’m feeling like she wants me to go away so I’m waiting for her to text me and its been like another week and she doesn’t seem like she will. 
Why did she change like this? We don’t even hang out as often anymore. But when we do she’s all sweet and like I said when I text her she’s all cute and sweet and seems to miss me..is this her nice way of telling me to go away? Its been like a week and I really want to talk to her but I don’t want to chase after someone that doesn’t want me anymore I want her to show me she still cares but she isn’t and every time I try to cut her off to see if she’ll notice I fail and quickly text her and check up on her…
Am I just a friend now?
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