Tanzanian Governor Wants To Create A Database Of Married Men To Save Women From Heartbreak

The Governor of Tanzania’s largest city has announced a plan to create and publish a national database of married men to protect women from “heartbreaks.”

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Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Paul Makonda said he has received a lot of complaints from women who were abandoned by their lovers after a marriage proposal, and that the planned database will help combat infidelity, reports CNN.

“I have been receiving complaints from women who have been promised marriage by men, yet the men didn’t fulfil the promise. I know women who have been paying bills yet the men walked away …” Makonda said.

“If possible we will set up a database in the regional commissioner’s office in each region that every man who promises a woman marriage, this should be registered in the database which will allow women to check to see whether the person asking is married …,” Makonda said at a Monday news conference.

Makonda said the government is looking at other countries in the Southern African Development Community to understand how they have dealt with such challenges.

A proposal similar to Makonda’s database plan sparked debate in neighbouring Kenya in August after a governor there vowed to expose politicians who abandon their lovers with children after an affair.

Nairobi’s Mike Sonko posted two telephone numbers on his Facebook page and asked aggrieved women to contact his office with pictures and evidence of an affair.

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