Six Things That Happen When You Don’t Wear Socks

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Socks can bare a person’s personality and their spunk. Depending on how you wear them, their length, and color. Socks tell a lot about a person whether they know it or not. You could be the Pippi long-stockings of the era and it would literally be a huge and bold statement to society about how you, as a person, think and behave.
  2. Disease Prevention: Athletes Foot, Callus, and other Fungus; these are just a few diseases that can easily be prevented by wearing socks. That’s it, taking the 5 seconds of your time to slip on those fuzzy foot huggers is all it takes. If you regularly spite the idea of wearing socks and think you are some kind of rebel; think again, you literally are inviting diseases and pain to your body.
  3. Heats the Whole Body: That’s right, I said it. The entire body is heated by you just wearing socks. How? Think of this: The feet, hands and ears are the primary outlets of heat for your body. Once your hands or your feet are cold, the core of your body (the abdominal and groin regions) drops in temperature to compensate for the drop in the limbs. If you can heat your feet you are on the right track to heating your core and the rest of your body as well.
  4. Stench: Without wearing socks, which absorb a majority of the perspiration that precipitates from your feet’s skin; the sweat will have to go somewhere else. Often it will be left to soak up in the shoe and on your skin. This will lead to a foul odor that often can be easily traced back to the origin and will leave you embarrassed and, in quite the social-predicament depending on your whereabouts.
  5. Chafed and Cracked Skin: Without socks your skin will become dry, cracked, and chafed. Constantly rubbing up against your footwear has a high toll to pay on your feet and their skin. This price is easily avoidable though, since socks can not only prevent the chaffing; but also aid in softening up some of the dry and cracked skin naturally.
  6. Alleviate Pain: No one likes walking around barefoot. With the help of socks you can alleviate a ton; if not all, pain from walking around barefoot. Ever walk on gravel? Perhaps you have children and their toys sharp or plastic toys and Legos lying around your house? We all know the many dangers lurking on our floors waiting for us to step on them and potentially puncture our skin.

By taking the time and effort to read this article and examine these six simple reasons; you have equipped yourself to advance the knowledge of you and others in the art fine art of sock-wearing. Remember that socks are a vital and enormously essential component to daily life. Without them you will lose many benefits and make yourself vulnerable to illness and other ailments. Just slip on your foot-friends and you’ll never regret reaping the benefits!

Timothy Frisch, a student at the University of Wisconsin – Stout, has been wearing socks ever since day one. He loves to keep his feet warm and believes that others should be as ardent as he is. He also contributes regularly to – the health-nut’s spot for Accuflora for an improved digestive system and Cosamin ASU to improve joint funtion. 



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