SHOT FIRED: Northern Music is Doing Good, But There Are More Jokers Claiming King -Badingu


IbrahimBadingu, an Aphro Beat Reggae Artiste, doing northern Ghana music. Badingu has An Album and compilation which features renowned artiste.
In a chitchat with Kyidomplus after Performing some songs on his yet be released Album, we enquire to know more.
Kyidomplus: Badingu how do you see Northern Music in the Next 4Years?


Badingu: “Northern music will be better in the coming years. A matter of fact is going well, with the Likes of Wiyaala, Zainab, and a lot. But currently there’s too much jokers and everyone seems to claim Kingship. We sing for the people, the lovely audience and listeners so they should Give us the Kingship Title, but what do we see?”

We Delve further thinking he’ll mention names but no he said You my reader, you are the best judges.

Kyidomplus: can you say northern musicians promote their culture?


Badingu: ‘Oh yes, the likes of Sherif Ghally,Abu sadiq, Jah bone, Imoru Ayaana and couple of others are really expressing the prestigious Northern culture, most especially our language, and Costumes. Northerns do not perform in suite and tie, rather our refined Smock, beads and the rest. Like I said we can still do better.


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