Read : How Ghanaians Reacted to Actress Maame Serwaa’s Selfie !!

Kumawood Child actress Clara Benson well known as Maame Serwaa was not spared when she posted a picture of herself on social media.
 The image which is believed to have been shot during the inter schools supa-zonal competition at the Baba Yara sports stadium – Kumasi, Ghana showed a clear view or her large developing boobs with colored armpit markings due to excessive sweat. when Kyidom ONLINE  posted the picture on facebook, which was sourced from +busumuru sean kingston ‘s facebook page, with the caption ” NICE HAT “, friends really reacted to it both positive and negative way.

THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS: Friends tried hard to justify that Clara, is a child or kid star, and as such with all the huge sums of money she is receiving she shouldn’t fall short on self management and Branding. Read some comments…:

Kwame Amoh Tweaaa see armpit. Oh ma goodness

 Kojo Bright she is our kumawood star wai

 Kwame Amoh Dirty girl
Maame Abena Gyasiwaa Hahaha I have watched saa…eiii Ghana

 Abigail OWusuwaa Which star ooooo

 Obaamua Reggie Andy Aaaa this gal paaa

Obaamua Reggie Andy

Obaamua Reggie Andy See her ampit

 Kojo Bright sake of the hot sun tho

 Awura Abena NyirabaLizzy Which school is she attending??

 Ibin Husein Very disgusting. See her armpit part of her uniform. Not not at all. Kojo Bright, talk to her about personal hygiene, self awareness, public appearances, branding, etc

 Kwame Amoh There comes the brands expert..
Bossu I salute. ..

 Mavis Boakye Eye Asem ooooo.hmmmmm

 Kwame Amoh’s a shame. In this era where deodorants are as cheap as something.
There could have been sweat which is cool but this dirty thing dea tweaa. . Let’s be realistic and face facts. You might like her but lets talk truth to power as sefa kayi will say.

 Kwame Amoh The sweat dea u will experience even with that if its a good deodorant there will be no sweat. But aside the sweat we see you n I can also clearly see a dirty armpit.
The colour has even changed meaning its not been washed properly over a period of time.

 Obaamua Reggie Andy Obaa she is a public figure and others look at her so she has to be clean and is because of that that’s why people are commenting like such. I don’t think if it wAss u or me there will be such

 Obaa Nao Hhahhaha nufuo paa ni ne namotuom

above is the sampling comments, which focused on her school uniform.
As an SHS student of Serwaa Nyarko, others jumped to her aid….. read the Positives


 Awura Abena NyirabaLizzy Masa its normal,that thing normally happens to fat people,the fact that sweat change her ampit colour doesn’t mean she is not a decent or clean lady.pls

 Awura Abena NyirabaLizzy Ghanaians can really talk ooooo,who has never experienced such thing in his or life before,pls let’s be real here n stop pretending as if those who are public fiqures are to posses different attitude from we the audience. Changing of ampit colour is nothing new to us expecially in the hammatan season/hotness.keep mute over certain things sometimes,its not everything u need to comment wrongly. After all none is perfect…….. na Aka mo h) dodo

 Scholastica Efya Gyau Tiwaa Thanks gal. Nice reply

 Awura Abena NyirabaLizzy Welcome honey

 Awura Abena NyirabaLizzy #kwame Amoh pls its normal,u can u deodorant but still u will experience sweat

Awura Abena NyirabaLizzy Check the lady infront of her carefully, she has a wet armpit too,,,,so does it mean she is dirty?

 Afia Serwaa Opoku Let de lady be abaa

 Don Kwabena Prah Jr. SHS or KNUST

so after the good and the bad came the naughty fellows, who only saw the boobs to appreaciate God given gift..ahaaa abi u bab what i dey talk….


 Shallom D. Map If u can only see hat, I can see a nice boobs

 Richard Fiifi Appiah How can anyone make a fuss over this?All this arguing is much ado about nothing. Can’t we be real for once? Only if I have the powers to turn back the hands of time back to your SHS days. I see beyond the armpit, let’s observe the boobs

 Richard Fiifi Appiah Medaase w) h)

 Francis Kwame Boama 😂😂😂😂😂


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