NIGERIA AGAINST THE WORLD – Oteng Amponsah Enock Writes:


Just recently, Indians have risen to kill and brutalize every Nigerian they see in their country. This act of the Indians have resulted in numerous loss of lives and left many injured. Not long ago we experienced another attack on Nigerians in South Africa where others were killed and brutalised for stated reasons. x

The question one may ask is, why is it always Nigerians? Before I spit on this matter, let me condemn in no certain terms the attack on Nigeria nationals and urge aggrieved people to desist from instant justice but to uphold human rights and allow the law to take its course.
If you are an MTN user(I can’t tell for other networks), you might have one way or the other received a test message informing you of winning sums of money. The scammer who poses as a representative for MTN will give you a number to call and later ask you to send them a processing fee via mobile money. Others tell you they will deliver goods to you at affordable prices and later request you to pay them some money via mobile money to help them clear some goods. Some also pretend to know you but in actual fact they don’t! They are only scammers. The latest in town are those creating Facebook accounts with pictures of beautiful ladies sending friend requests and chatting venerable guys privately via messenger. They will later tell you to send them monies and other valuable items. The bottom line is, they are all scammers!
If you ever get a call from one of them, they mostly speak *Twi* and go by Akan names to give them some level of identity as Ghanaians. If you ever speak to them, kindly switch to *English*. Some try to hide their identity but mostly, you will find out that their Nigerian accents are inevitable. There you will realise they are *Nigerians!*. They have stayed with us, learnt our language and hidden behind them to defraud our people.
South Africans have indicted Nigerians with various degree of crimes in their country. India is now second to rise in a Xenophobic attack on Nigeria Nationals.
Nigeria is the only African country which has been *banned* from participating in the U.S. visa lotteries. I learnt some countries deny visa the moment they see a Nigerian passport.
Not long ago, we realised the entry point for the fake rubber rice is Nigeria. Do you remember the fake synthetic palm oil that flooded our markets? FDA had to move from market to market to seize them because they were made of synthetic rubbers but not oil. They were all from Nigeria!
Whiles we condemn the attacks on Nigerians, I think it is time ECOWAS as a body and Nigeria paid critical attention to their nationals. They are gradually creating a negative impression for their country and blacks as a whole.
I have had the opportunity to stay and school with Nigerians. I know what a pack of good people some of them are. God fearing affable and respectable people. But a few others in their quest of syphoning money for themselves, are thwarting the efforts of the good ones in creating a good image for themselves and their country.
I mourn with the families of the lost ones and also wish the victims of the Indian attack a speedy recovery.
In conclusion, I wish to urge Nigerians to live above the negativities and name to shame those bringing the name of their country into disrepute.
God bless Ghana!
God bless Nigeria!
God bless Africa!

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