LEGENDARY: Full Biography, Music Journey And Life Of 9924 + VOL 1

James Kwaku Tuffour (Media File)

I do not remember the last or first time I set eyes on Nana Tuffour but his Music always gets met reasoning about Love and Life stories.

The demise of 9924 has created a vacuum for people to say Nana was not hyped as others are doing now that he is no more. This very wrong. Nana Tuffour had all the hype needed in the world. He wasn’t a rapper rather Live Band music gem. Take a Look at his short profile below to know he earned the hype.

James Kwaku Tuffour a.k.a Nana Tuffour a.k.a. 9-9-2-4 is a renowned Highlife singer/songwriter. He was born on Valentine’s Day 1954 in an era when intelligence scored substantially more points than good looks. It is no wonder that he has crooned his way into the hearts of many women over the years with is sweat and smooth ballads.

This pleasant singer/songwriter spent his childhood in a home full of love in Kumasi, Ghana. Young Tuffour was fortunate to have resourceful relatives, which gave him the opportunity to enjoy music from all around the world while at home “Nana,” as he is affectionately called, kicked off his musical journey with one of the axes popularly known as “one man thousand” with keyboardist Alex Konadu.

9924 on Hitz Fm

He later joined the Wanto Wazuri Band as a pianist. Due to his sweet voice and unique style of vocalizing, Nana later became the frontman of the Waza Africo Band. Envisioning a solo album, Nana left for Nigeria where he began working with famous Nigerian musician King Sunny Ade as his keyboardist.

In 1979 he released his first album Highlife Romance and has since released twelve other hit albums. He has won many excellence awards and his last album, Abeiku was notoriously popular among the old and the Young.


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