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Do you think the Airtime is for rent or for free or fathers inheritance?

You have to work your way to get on the Seat!

You spend a lot money to record a track yet you can’t dash a DJ something small to trigger him to be playing your songs.
Yes, you will say Sarkodie and co. don’t pay DJs but their songs are played…
You want to be at where Sarkodie is right? He paid his dues already with good affiliations and links. So think of the DJ so the DJ can think of you big time… Nothing is all free these days oo.

Most of the Artiste are so fine that they’ll dash Producers, pundits and the main man himself. Others will be doing oh boss oh boss, I need a manager, I need support in a stingy manner.
They prefer to buy data for their expensive phones. And be wearing American things.
Learn to Appreciate the DJ.

That’s the Office and Money venture, learn to appreciate the DJ

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