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The advent of social media has really help in positive way, making sharing of information quick and reliable.

Reminiscing over how social media especially facebook is been misused by platform creators known to be called administrators. 
Using myself  as example, most of these administrators have absolutely no knowledge about management or human relations but because of smart phone, data and application one is managing over 10000 (10K) individuals who are not aimless but have different kinds of aims and objectives while on social media.

I have personally created groups both on facebook and Whatsapp and chanced on a lot of people with diverse aims on social media. For the benefit of this write up, let me state some of the aims:

Like I said the aims cut across age group, gender, the hunter and the prey with personal objectives:
1. People who are on social media thus join groups to broaden their horizon by connecting to people for friendly calls and check ups, job seeking and corporate needs. 

2. People who aims to get a very chick who comes across them to chop. Even if the other is married or not. The Pedophiles, rapist and unfaithful husbands.

3. Don’t forget the body sellers lol, the entertainers and the loudmouth writers as well as copy and paste team

4. The depressed, broken-hearted and the jilted lingers around to get someone trustworthy to lean on and share sober moments with
5… And the silent observers, comment readers……………… know the rest.

Several of the above cut across all social media groups, be it on whatsapp or facebook:
A lot of people join to fuck or be fucked and get fucked too…
A lot are on the platform to find daily gossiped news to churn out to the populace and like minded.

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This is what I can’t fathom sometimes. Majority of these groups are managed by clueless individuals with no proper skills to make the good out of the many people in the groups.
They are always seen organizing hangout and pool parties either to get drunk and fuck and be fucked or siphon money from party animals.

One thing most administrators fail to notice is that, most often few people attend these countless unending hangouts, ending up regretting paying contributions because the above was not achieved.

 They Also fail to assess the progress of the group because they are clueless, the joy in approving post is more important to them than bring out positive worthy entrepreneurship ideas to help the members.

Let me suggest to Administrators that yeah the Joy in seeing people adhering to what you command might be there, but you don’t get paid at the end of the month, you rather waste internet data to approve plenty unnecessary comics.

  1. Instead of collecting monies to organize hangouts and boozing ups, use the paid money to organize a talk show for members who will.
  2. Organize empowerment programs for the ladies in the groups to learn a creative arts ; how to plaid the hair, how to make and decorate cakes and other pastries, how to make Ice cream……
  3. Organize a clean up exercise at a selected community 
  4. Organize donation session and party with and orphanage home or likewise etc

The above and many more plans when inculcate into groups with large active presence.

Social media is here to stay. Social media has replaced the olden days way of meeting people in the streets to fraternize or create acquaintance.
Now you don’t need to be in the streets to finds, rather be at the comfort of your wherever, guet a data and internet accessed phone there you Go!

In all play it safe, the bad nuts  still lingers around us all the time, when taken decisions, take the right one, follow your instincts !
KYIDOM Bright 


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