GORGEOUS: Maali Still Smiling After Her Exit In GMB20

Maalinu Dasoberi Molly, 20 year old University of Education student who recently represented The Upper West in Tv3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful was last night pictured at a restaurant smiling like nobody’s business.


Maali as referred to in the competition when approached by Kyidomonline , revealed how thankful she is to her cans judges, tv3 and their sponsors.

Maali @maaligmb20

“I’m ready for the world, I was energized by my experience in the competition, I have learn a lot from all the people I came across during the show. I have been approached by some organizations, I’m waiting for the right time to make the right decisions. ” She said.

@maaligmb20 smiling

“I know most people were disturbed by my exit but its a competition with rules and you can be out anytime. I urge everyone to continue to vote and support their favorite contestant. ” Maali answered when she was asked about GMB 20.

“I will go back to school when we reopen, but seriously I have a lot of good projects coming for my people and Ghana as a whole. I really need everyone’s support, when I know at your door please accept Me with a big smile. Its good to smile, my smile alone has already got me a very good deal, I am seeing a brighter light now. It is well”

Maali uses @maaligmb20 on Instagram and twitter and Maali GMB20 on Facebook.

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