FIGHT DEPRESSION? READ THIS : Teen depression — a reality of society

In the present world, depression in under-age people in our society has become a reality and this is one of the most alarming facts, which is getting common among youngsters.
It’s not unusual for young people to experience the blues or feel down in the dumps occasionally; adolescence is always an unsettling time with the many emotional, psychological and social changes that accompany this stage of life.
Unrealistic expectations can create a strong sense of disappointment. When things go wrong in their daily lives at school or at home, teens often overreact.  They feel stressed and confused.
That is the time when they need adult guidance more than ever to understand all their emotional and physical changes from every aspect of life what they are experiencing.
Especially, when they show their unhappy reactions, it may indicate a serious emotional disorder which means that they need more attention which can be helpful in solving their problems.
We already have a number of basic solutions to avoid depression at certain times. Youngsters should try to make new friends, which is one of the most effective therapies ever. Healthy relationships divert your mind easily and you start to feel better and free.
Similarly participating in sports and other school activities, thus staying busy can also helps teens to focus on their positive sides.
Sometimes ending up their lives is the only remedy left for teen depression. This is the reason why the ratio of teen suicides due to depression and stress is gaining speed in our society. Studies show that suicide attempts among people at this age may be based on long standing problems that are triggered by specific events.
Career Confusion
The major reason of depression among youngsters is that they are not able to decide what they should do or what not to do which results in them having serious thoughts in this regards. Some of them feel alone and even then they can’t share their problems with parents and family. It’s not specific for teen, in fact every adult have their reservations.
The worst part of a depressive episode is when someone asks questions like “Why?” “What happened?” or “Was someone mean to you?” Sometimes, there is an antecedent, but more often than not, depression just hits you. It feels like riding a bike, and in the blink of an eye, you’re trying to pedal through quicksand with no wheels. Moreover, it is almost impossible to explain, so trying to answer these questions makes you feel like even more of a failure.
It can be frustrating as a friend or family member to read this — advice is much easier to give when there is a definitive issue at hand. The best thing you can do when you are trying to help someone with depression is to simply be there.
So we have to do one thing in life, stop worrying on extreme levels. Each and every problem has its own solution in a better way.  Don’t create drama in your life, be positive and think positive. Love your life, because it is precious.
Be happy 

By Maha Shakil


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