I Rep #Oseikrom Kumasi they say.
Behind and down here is the ongoing construction of Kumasi mall as such the biggest mall in the country, Ghana.
Am currently at the back of the mall,a stretch from ,KFC, MAXMART INSIDE THE ARK BUILDING. Mr Biggs is also at the conner.
In 8 months time I will be witnessing boys and girls smooching, able bodied men driven their girlfriend’s, wife’s children’s and friends here, just to spend on them.
Recreation in the Garden City is nothing to write home about. People result to drinking spot, food joint and bar.
This edifice would add up to the numerous entertainment and recreational as well as hub for market and business sites.

If you really want to chill in Kumasi you have no option than …,,,” The view, Plush lounge, Manjaro, Sweet Pub, Ecos, X5 pub, LizGat, Sir Max hotel,..and others.”
Others also would prefer to swim and have their heads burry under water thus swimming pool, because Kumasi Has no beach, rather River Banks which is located at the hinter lands far from Kumasi. One would need a  vacation trip to get there.

This place will be #wooooow.
I live around so don’t worry, By Grace I shall fill you in
#JustIgnoreKyidom wae..

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