Written by Counselor Adofoli
Expensive dates should never sweep you off your feet, but sadly this is one of the things which makes some ladies fall so deep in a madness called Love.
Why don’t you need an expensive date? The simple answer is because you are expensive; in fact you are priceless and can never be bought. It’s an insult to be impressed with food, drink and treats in the aid of winning your love.

The only one someone can impress using expensive dates is a cheap person. Because they don’t have money to afford it, they think this is the right avenue to cash in. Some will go to the extent of making unnecessary requests and demands. They end up even requesting for extra food and drinks to take home. It’s just bad.

If you have money to afford your own food, drink, etc. you won’t allow anyone to impress you with that. Men who go out and your dates or girlfriends want everything on the menu or everything they see, should be able to tell the quality of the woman they are taking home as wives.
A cheap girl will pretend to be expensive, charter a taxi whenever they have to visit, while you foot the bills on her arrival; meanwhile on her daily routine she uses public transport.

Ladies going out on dates, if you are looking for a lasting marriage the way your man spends on you should be your major concern. Where are they getting the money from? What is their source of income, how do they live their lives in terms of spending. Are they living a borrowed life or spending monies they don’t earn?
What are their long terms goals, future projects, the kind of family they want to have, the number of children, etc.

There are things that once you begin, you can’t stop; if he has to begin with you on expensive dates and high spending then he is on the verge of losing the relationship if things go bad for him.
Even the richest country in the world once in a while experiences some hardships or economic difficulties, how much more your boyfriend?
Instead of expensive dates, go for an expensive character, someone who won’t sell their conscience for money, or do the craziest things for money.
In conclusion “Wealth from get-rich-quick schemes quickly disappears; wealth from hard work grows over time” – Proverbs 13:11 (NLT).
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