CAS Rule Against Zamalek In Benjamin Acheampong Lawsuit

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has ruled in favor of Ghanaian striker Benjamin Acheampong in his case against his former club Zamalek.

Acheampong plied his trade with Zamalek back in 2017 but never managed to cement his position in the starting eleven and was therefore sent on loan before terminating his contract.

After his departure his former lawyer Abdelrahman Mohamed El-Khabarawy filed a lawsuit against him for failing to pay the commission for his move to Zamalek.

Acheampong allegedly breached the contract between him and El-Kharabawy as he failed to pay EGP 400,000, which is the sum both parties had agreed upon prior to his transfer.

As a result, he was sentenced to three years in Egyptian prison and has been forced to pay an EGP 400,000 fine after he failed to appear to any of his court hearings.

However, Acheampong claimed to have never breached the contract and demanded justice from FIFA, CAF or the Egypt FA.

He then filed a complaint against the White Castle to CAS, claiming that he had had several outstanding salary payments, and the court eventually ruled in his favor.

CAS ruled that Acheampong terminated his employment contract with Zamalek with just cause and declared that the subsequent “Settlement Agreement” signed between the parties was null and void since the club had exploited the player’s straitened circumstances.

The club are, therefore, expected to pay a significant undisclosed sum to the 30-year-old for outstanding salaries, compensation for breach of contract, legal costs and interest.

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