BOMB SHELL: Watch And Dine Cinema Is Not Helping Us – Movie Producer Fiifi Roberts

Premiering of movies in the Kumasi city has come to stay of which most movie producers are making good use of it. Gone are the days when movies were premiered only in Accra at the Silverbird Cinemas but for now Kumasi is hovering with such events making places like CCB auditorium (KNUST), Watch and Dine Cinema ( KUMASI CITY MALL) a very entertaining sites and the former Miklin and Golden Tulip Hotel.
Watch and Dine Cinema was set to promote movies and change the movie watching settings in the city. With all these, Movie Producers are chastising the managers of WATCH AND DINE CINEMA for not helping the movie industries as they promised movie lovers and movie producers.
 Mr. Fiifi Robertson; Movie Producer, Director, and an Actor told Mr. Gideon Osei Akoto (DJ OXY) host of Entertainment 360 Bars On Beat Rap Attack that they are disappointed in the managers of the watch and dine cinema.
“They are not helping us in the sense that the work we are doing with them, instead of them to have said 70/30 they said 50/50 which is not helping us. Producers spend much to shoot and produce movies, we come to premier it and should five (5) people come to watch the movie you share with me 50/50” Mr Fiifi said.
He continuing to say that ” they even fail to publicize on their platforms; social media and the rest local movies about to be shown. We were expecting to announce on their platforms that this day and time, this particular movie will be showing so we are not showing foreign today rather they will be showing foreign movies alongside what is being premiered. Movie lovers will go and watch the foreign ones and later come to share with us 50/50. It is wrong to be showing other movies when there is premiering on going”
The manager of WATCH AND DINE CINEMA confirmed in an interview with the host Mista Oxy to answer questions on what Mr Fiifi is alleging.   The manager accepted the 50/50 share on proceeds and said that there is always an agreement between them and the producers before releasing the biggest hall to them. He said the cinema also have movies on bill to be shown, and sometimes most premiers are two show events so the biggest hall is given for the premier in order to get the largest viewership.

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