We all have wishes, dreams and plans for the future; when it comes to marriage, and you have to choose any woman as a wife to spend the rest of your life with then never settle on a side chick. It doesn’t matter her looks or how much you feel about her, not even if the lady in question claims to love you, for she is just with another woman’s man for the money, comfort and support, for as long as it lasts.

Whether she is a side chick or Boss chick, one thing you should never forget is a chick is as good as a snack not the main meal. In case you forget, a snack costs as low as One Ghana Cedis, Less than a dollar.

A Marriage material who is a wife-to-be is priceless and can never be bought not to talk about the cost. Many young ladies are the cause of their own woes and the problems they create are as big as they make it.

How do you expect God to bless you when you are bent on messing up with others’ blessings? If you are a side chick, boss chick or slay queen, one thing you need to know is that, you can’t get your own man or the one God has for you when all you are doing is messing with who God has for someone.
For the game you play on someone will eventually be played on you. Never think you are too smart so you can get away with that. Chick or slay queen cannot make your house a home for you. She will rather turn it into a club, then drink, smoke, sex, mess up the place.

The marriage material or a wife-to-be has attributes of the Holy Spirit. She is filled with God because she lives to please Him whilst the chicks live to please the society and their pocket or wants.
A wife-to-be sees God as a Relationship. She experiences God because she lives in His presence and doesn’t do things that displease Him. Whilst the chicks see God as Religion, only believe what people say about God because they don’t live in His presence and they do things which displease Him.
A wife material is in your life to help you and will not leave you when the going gets tough but the chicks are in your life to suck you, and will leave when things are bad for you.

A marriage material will always tell you the truth, show you the right path but the chicks will lie to you and manipulate you to go in their direction.
A wife-to-be will bring you peace, make sure you are happy in real life, whilst a life with chicks is like having a war inside. You fake your happiness. You look happy on the outside and online but sad at home.

A wife material is your Counselor; she will pray for you, comfort and encourage you when things are bad. On the other hand, a chick is your Accuser, will curse you, blame you, insult you when things go wrong.
A marriage material is faithful, intelligent, educated, always looking for wisdom and direction to help you succeed in life. Whilst chicks cheat, are empty headed, lack education, are always looking for body enhancement; make ups, sexy hips, big boobs and butts. The goal of a wife is to grow rich with you but the chick wants to look rich.
A wife-to-be has a culture of saving, plans towards the future, but the chicks live the life of spending and borrowing and are always broke.
In conclusion “God’s Spirit makes us loving, happy, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and self-controlled.”- Galatians 5:22-23a (CEV.

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