AMAZING: The Wretched Android “Guy”

I usually come across this guy most often during the day. Most of his activities is either sleeping, eating, charging or surfing on the phone.

During one of the walk spree when I met him, I gathered and mastered all the courage to ignore the stench just to know him.

The Conversation (Dialogue) is in the Akan’s Language; Twi.

I tried to enquire about who he is, where he’s from and what he does.

He denied me his name in the first place, told me he is from Mampong. He works as a shoemaker.

Upon further interrogation he revealed he’s normal with sound mind (correct). I doubt because of how “Wretched” he was dressed. The stench or smell or odour, anyway you like was so so bad and unpleasant.

Most of the people passing by uttered words like “Anas” “BNI” lol. Why?

He has a very nice sophisticated android phone, the brand I can’t tell.

I called him the “Wretched Android User” .

Watch the video, let me know which part you don’t understand in Twi and ibwillI will furnish you answers.

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