Business Idea: Surviving In The African Business Sector – Breaking The ODDS

I got the opportunity to meet 6 rich ghanaian men this weekend and I asked them a question that:’why are they not building factories for the youth of this country to get job to do?

They burst into laughter as if I have said something funny, I was like really amazed He continue..

I run a manufacturing business and a trading business.The biggest challenge in my manufacturing business is not power, or infrastructure, the biggest challenge is getting honest staff.

Everyone we hire appears to be on a mission to steal as much as possible, Inflated invoices, recording less than the actual number of units produced.

The worst part of it all is that all the fraud we’ve uncovered is not done by a single person, it’s usually many staff who collude with each other, from production, to sales, to finance, even top management.

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There was a year I overhauled management 3 times in a year. But I’ve found a solution. I now use Indian expatriate management. So competent, so honest and so straightforward. I thought they were expensive at first with all the visa fees, accommodation, house staff, but now that losses due to staff theft have been reduced to a minimum, and efficiency increased, the Indian management has turned out to be cheaper than the previous African management.

Now, all sensitive positions involving money go to Indians. Africans are only allowed in non-sensitive positions.I used to criticize indigenous African companies like the Dangote Group that hire so many Indians when there are many unemployed Africans, but now, I understand their painful decision.

My biggest challenge in the trading business is the same, getting honest staff.

The form of trading occurs in the open market, and involves staff having access to huge sums of money running into a few millions.

I know how much I pay to security companies to provide escorts for the staff, not to prevent robbery, but to ensure that returns come in.

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